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Professional Contractors & Self-Employed

We specialise in Professional Contractor and Self Employed Accounts and Tax Returns. Through our custom built Client App, we provide efficient platform for our clients to keep on top of their income, expenses and estimated tax liabilities

Limited Liablity Contracting

From £75/mth – a bargain!!

Maximise your earnings potential through effective tax planning using your own limited company.

Personal Taxation

We will prepare your self assessment tax return on timely basis and inform you as soon as possible of taxation liabilities, and deadlines to pay, so there are no nasty surprises.

Business Taxation

As your accountant and tax adviser our job is not only to prepare your accounts and corporation tax return, but to use your tax data to help you make informed business and personal decisions.


An efficient bookkeeping system gives you an accurate and up to date picture of your company’s performance, which allows for better management and greater profitability. Our custom-made Client App provides you with a tool to efficiently capture and record your business transactions using your mobile device.

Business Advisory

We are always happy to advice you in every step from the moment that you have a great idea, to your first trading receipt and beyond. You are guaranteed that your business will be in very good hands.

Financial Modelling & Investment Appraisal

We have extensive experience in building financial models to help you plan and make informed business decisions. We help our clients appraise investment options before making the decision to proceed

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