Limited Liability Contracting

We offer two levels of service PREMIUM and STANDARD, you are free to choose which ever suits you the best



Standard Premum
Monthly RTI and Payroll
Cloud based account software and Client App
Phone and email support for accounting and tax matters
Deal with general HMRC and Companies House enquiries
*Profit and Loss Snapshot
Completion of year end accounts and company tax returns
Administration of all PAYE returns to HMRC
Companies House Updates, ONS Questionnaires, Reference letters
VAT registration and VAT returns x
Personal Tax Returns
All Transactions Reconciled to Bank Statements x
Free Limited Company Registration x

The Steps to succesful Limited Company Contracting

Step 1 – The initial setup

Regardless of whether you approach us with your own limited company already set-up, or if you need us to help you get one started, we will help you ensure your limited company is correctly setup and registered with Companies House.

Once these basic elements are in place, we will ensure your company is correctly registered with the HMRC for Corporation Tax, and PAYE. We can also advise you on VAT registration.

Step 2 – week to week operations

Once you become a client, we set you up with your own account and App which allows you to record expenses, generate invoices, review/update company information, and review quarterly Profit and Loss statements (Standard and Premium only).

Step 3 – on-going reporting requirements

Companies House and HMRC require various filings over the course of your company’s trading year. We will keep you informed of the due dates, and will prepare all the documents required. It is important to remember that it is you, the company director, who is ultimately responsible for all your filing obligations.

Step 4 – PAYING US

We require you to set up a Standing Order to pay us. Once you begin actively trading using our accounting service, we will email you will all the payment details for the year (April to March).

Step 5 – Always available to help

We are always willing to help answer your questions in simple English. Always feel free to call us, email us, or send us WhatsApp message if you have any questions regarding your company, tax, or our accounting service.

For all other inquiries, contact us or get an instant quote!

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